Wholesale 14kt Gold Rings


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Wholesale 14kt Gold Rings

The ring has been present in human history since the earliest times and brings together

symbolic functions linked to traditions that are handed down over the years in every family.

From the engagement ring to the wedding ring, this ornamental jewel is full of meanings

and not only a display of wealth.

Fibo International offers a wide selection of 14 karats gold rings ranging from solitaires,

wedding rings, rings with cubic zirconia or semiprecious stones, all-gold rings in white or yellow,

rose gold, in one, two or three color combinations with a unique and distinctive style.

Each piece is designed in order to satisfy the needs of our diverse clientele and is the result

of a meticulous crafting process, which shows superior finishing and impeccable details.

Fibo International S.r.l.

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Wholesale 14kt Gold Rings